Jayco Bay Cycling Classic: Lapthorne takes final stage - Renshaw defends title

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06.01.2008/ Darren Lapthorne took the final stage of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic. Mark Renshaw defended his overall title.

© Team Sparkasse
Darren Lapthorne signed with German Continental Team Sparkasse (© Team Sparkasse)

Stage 5 Men Elite

Australian Road Race Darren Lapthorne took the final stage of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic. The 25 year old rider won after a solo attack with 13 minutes remaining. Lapthorne will race with German Continental Team Sparkasse this year and was very happy with his stage win after his nasty crash in the second stage of the Australian stage race.

Only 21 riders finished the tough second stage and Aussie Mark Renshaw was the smiling overall winner. Renshaw came in second at the final stage and that was enough to defend his 2007 title. Allan Davis came in third and is second overall. Renshaw and Davis both have 40 points in the overall, but Renshaw2 had better results in the stages and intermediate sprints.

Women Elite

Olympic champion Sara Carrigan  won the final stage of the women's race. Carrigan repeated her 2006 stage win at the same circuit. Mega Dunn finished fourth in the final stage and that was enough to defend her overall lead. Sixteen year old Dunn is the youngest overall winner ever of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic.

Stage 5 Elite men
1 Darren Lapthorne (A&I Helicopters)     12 points
2 Mark Renshaw (Geelong Mazda)           10
3 Allan Davis (FRF Couriers NSWIS)        8
4 Baden Cooke (       7
5 Richard England (Jayco Bianchi VIS)     6
6 Graeme Brown (FRF Couriers NSWIS)       5
7 Leigh Howard (Jayco Bianchi VIS)        4
8 Chris Luxton (Savings and Loans)        3
9 Trent Wilson (Skilled)                  2
10 Russell Gill (Savings and Loans)       1
Final General Classification
1 Mark Renshaw (Geelong Mazda)           40 points
2 Allan Davis (FRF Couriers NSWIS)       40
3 Baden Cooke (      37
4 Hilton Clarke (Portfolio Partners)     27
5 Darren Lapthorne (A&I Helicopters)     17
6 Matt Wilson (      12
7 Richard England (Jayco Bianchi VIS)    12
8 Stuart O’Grady (Skilled)               12
9 Rory Sutherland (Geelong Mazda)        11
10 Zac Dempster (A&I Helicopters)        10
10 Brett Aitken (Savings and Loans)      10
1 Dean Windsor (Drapac Porsche)          14 points
2 Matt Wilson (       9
3 Mark Renshaw (Geelong Mazda)            6
Team Classification
1 Geelong Mazda                          51 points
2                    49
3 FRF Couriers/NSWIS                     45
Stage 5 Elite women
1 Sara Carrigan (Rapido Cycles)          12 points
2 Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners)          10
3 Belinda Goss (Volvo)                    8
4 Megan Dunn (CBD/NSWIS)                  7
5 Amanda Spratt (Pitcher Partners)        6
6 Helen Kelly (Jayco VIS)                 5
7 Oenone Wood (Geelong Mazda)             4
8 Chloe Hosking (Geelong Mazda)           3
9 Jenny Macpherson (Rapido Cycles)        2
10 Kirsty Broun (Volvo)                   1
Final General Classification
1 Megan Dunn (CBD/NSWIS)                 39 points
2 Belinda Goss (Volvo)                   38
3 Kate Bates (Pitcher Partners)          36
4 Alexis Rhodes (Pitcher Partners)       22
5 Emma Rickard (Jayco VIS)               16
6 Oenone Wood (Geelong Mazda)            15
7 Teressa Cliff-Ryan (Geelong Mazda)     15
8 Sara Carrigan (Rapido Cycles)          13
9 Lauren Kitchen (NSWIS Degani Café)     12
10 Leonie Burford (NSWIS Degani Café)    11

1 Lauren Kitchen (NSWIS Degani Café)     17 points
2 Sara Carrigan (Rapido Cycles)           9
3 Olivia Gollan (NSWIS/Degani Café)       9
Team Classification
1 Pitcher Partners                       56 points
2 Volvo                                  37
3 CBD/NSWIS                              32

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