Tour de Jan Janssen 1968 - 2008: Tour d'honneur for cycling enthousiasts

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14.01.2008/ In July its 40 years ago that Jan Janssen won the Tour de France. Janssen was the first Dutch rider who won 'La Grande Boucle'. Two Dutch cycling enthousiasts will organise a Tour d'honneur to remember the first Dutch Tour win. The route of the 'Tour de Jan Janssen' will be the same as the route of the 1968 Tour de France and 50 cyclists can participate at the Tour de Jan Janssen. Jan Janssen himself is enthousiastic about the initiative. Tomorrow we will publish an interview with Jan Janssen.  An interview with Tour de Jan Janssen organiser Wilfred de Kruijf: "A tribute to Jan Janssen."

© A.S.O.
The route of the 1968 Tour de France (© A.S.O.)

The idea for the Tour de Jan Janssen came from Wilfred de Kruijf and Rick Blickman. Kruijf is a 40 year old cycling enthousiast, who accompanies and organises cycling tours for 'Tropical cyclist' in Africa and Asia. He is also a freelance personality development coach with activities in France. Versatile organiser De Kruijf organises canoe expeditions, walk and cycling tours. Blickman is a friend of de Kruijf and lives in France. The cycling enthousiast is also active as a coach and organiser and loves nature expeditions.

Cyclingheroes: What exactly is the Tour de Jan Janssen?

Wilfred de Kruijf: A tribute to Jan Janssen, the first Dutch Tour de France winner. A cycling tour which is the climax for every cycling enthousiast. After riding the Tour of Flanders, Liège-Bastogne-Liège and La Marmotte you dream of riding the Tour de France. That's possible now by riding the 1968 route, the year that Jan Janssen won the Tour, fully supplied and carefree.

Cyclingheroes: Did you have to change the route because of changes in the french roadnet in the last 40 years?

Wilfred de Kruijf: Fortunately not much, we made a few necessary adjustments for safety reasons and have choosen quiet secondary roads.

Cyclingheroes: What were the first reactions?

Wilfred de Kruijf: Enthousiastic and a little bit nervous for this great challenge! Nice tension, like before a school trip or a football game as a child. If it doesn't work for a moment, no problem, into the bus, don't take epo you can ride a bite slower as well. Its important to eat and drink. We have had a lot of positive feedback from the media. Finally an original idea again, a comeback of authenticity in cycling.

Cyclingheroes: How did Jan Janssen react?

Wilfred de Kruijf: At first cautiously, but after a while more and more enthousiastic. He thinks he gets 200 riders but we agreed with him to do it with only 50 riders to be able to provide quality and good service. We all think it shouldn't be a race. Participate and to live the event are more important, its a tour for cycling fans. It it doesn't work for a day you can always get into the bus and continue on your bike the next day. Jan Janssen himself is involved in various ways in the project now, he is also doing pr work for the Tour de Jan Janssen.

Cyclingheroes: Do you have experience with the organisation of multiple stage tours?

Wilfred de Kruijf: Yes in the last couple of years we organised the Transafrica, a bike expedition from Cairo to Capetown in 100 days. But also the Karakoram Highway, Pakistan-China, Indochina, Philippines and Sri Lanka. You can get more information about that at .

We also organise personality development tours for young people with various problems: these tours are full of activities and challenging routes in France.

Cyclingheroes: Can people still register for the Tour de Jan Jannsen?

Wilfred de Kruijf: Yes its still possible to register. The first participants registered at the end of last year. We are getting more and more publicity in newspapers, cycling mags and radio. So its important to decide fast because we have a limit of 50 riders. People who are interested can get information and register at .

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Tour de Jan Janssen 1968 - 2008
June 24, 2008 Departure from Breda (Netherlands), Restaurant Hemingways, to Vittel (France) by luxury coach. Prologue in Vittel. 6,1 kilometres, flat stage
June 25, 2008 Stage  1 Vittel - Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) 189 kilometres, flat stage
June 26, 2008 Stage  2 Arlon (Belgium)  - Forest (Belgium) 210,5 kilometres, flat stage
June 27, 2008 Stage  3 Forest (Belgium) - Roubaix (France) 122 kilometres, flat stage
June 28, 2008 Stage  4 Roubaix - Rouen 238 kilometres, flat stage
June 29, 2008 Stage  5 Rouen - Bagnoles de l'Orne 165 kilometres, flat stage
June 30, 2008 Restday in Bagnoles de l'Orne
July 01, 2008 Stage  6 Bagnoles de l'Orne - Dinard  154,5 kilometres, flat stage
July 02, 2008 Stage  7 Dinard - Lorient 188 kilometres, flat stage
July 03, 2008 Stage  8 Lorient - Nantes 190 kilometres, flat stage
July 04, 2008 Stage  9 Nantes - Royan 223 kilometres, flat stage
July 05, 2008 Stage 10 Royan - Bordeaux 137,5 kilometres, flat stage
July 06, 2008 Stage 11 Bordeuax - Bayonne 202,5 kilometres, flat stage
July 07, 2008 Restday in Bayonne
July 08, 2008 Stage 12 Bayonne - Pau 183,5 kilometres, medium mountain stage
July 09, 2008 Stage 13 Pau - Saint Gaudens 225,5 kilometres, mountain stage
July 10, 2008 Stage 14 Saint Gaudens - Seo de Urgel 208,5 kilometres, mountain stage
July 11, 2008 Stage 15 Seo de Urgel - Perpignan Canet Plage 231,5 kilometres, medium mountan stage
July 12, 2008 Stage 16 Font Romeu - Albi 250,5 kilometres, flat stage
July 13, 2008 Stage 17 Albi - Aurillac 199 kilometres, medium mountain stage
July 14, 2008 Restday in Aurillac, French National holiday
July 15, 2008  Stage 18 Aurillac - Saint Etienne 236,5 kilometres, flat stage
July 16, 2008 Stage 19 Saint Etienne - Grenoble 235 kilometres, flat stage
July 17, 2008 Stage 20 Grenoble - Sallanches Cordon 200 kilometres, mountain stage
July 18, 2008 Stage 21 Sallanches- Besancon 242,5 kilometres, mountain stage
July 19, 2008 Stage 22 Besancon - Auxerre 242 kilometres, flat stage
July 20, 2008 Stage 23 Auxerre - Melun 136 kilometres, flat stage
July 21, 2008 Stage 24 Melun - Paris 54,7 kilometres. Closing ceremony and departure to Breda (Netherlands) by luxury coach.
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