Team Type 1 debut at Tour de Langkawi

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06.02.2008/ Team Type 1 will make its professional racing debut  at the Tour of Langkawi in Malaysia, Feb. 9-17. The Tour of Langkawi is an
international stage race featuring 21 teams from 17 different countries.
Team Type 1 is the only team from the United States participating in the nine-stage, 855-mile race.

Team Type 1 was created in 2005 to inspire people with diabetes around the world to take control of their health through diet,  exercise and proper health care. TT1 won the corporate team division  of the Race Across America (RAAM) in 2006 and 2007 before re- organizing as a UCI-registered professional continental team for  2008. Four members of its 15-rider pro team are athletes with Type 1  

Team Type 1's roster for the nine-stage, 855-mile race includes three  Australians -- Matt Wilson, Ben Brooks and Fabio Calabria -- as well  as American Ian MacGregor, New Zealand's Glen Chadwick and Moises  Aldape of Mexico. Calabria, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes  seven years ago, will represent the Type 1 athletes.

TT1 Sport Director Ed Beamon said he is excited to have the opportunity to showcase the team at such an important race.

"Team Type 1 has an important message about diabetes care and  wellness, and we are happy to begin our season with such a large  audience," Beamon said. "Matt Wilson has good form, and we expect to  be aggressive and competitive in every stage."

Beamon said several TT1 racers have been racing and training independently in Australia and South America, giving him hope that a stage win or two is not out of the question.

"Langkawi is never an easy race," he said. "All of the top riders want to win and the battle is always hard for stages as well as the general classification. I expect the same this year."

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