Schleck brothers enjoyed fanclub meeting

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06.03.2008/ Fränk and Andy Schleck attended at yesterdays annual Schleck fanclub meeting. The Schleck brothers handed over a check of 1000 Euro to the ALAN charity foundation. More than 200 people attended at the fanclub meeting.

© Edmond FRIESS
Andy Schleck (© Edmond FRIESS

Fränk and Andy Scleck enjoyed the fanclub meeting. More than 200 visitors attended at the meeting. Among them was mayor of the Luxembourg town Mondorf, Maggy Nagel.

After a few warm welcome words by fanclub president Serge Petro, secretary Jean Mousel spoke about the activities of the fanclub. Mousel spoke about the good results of both CSC riders but also about the injust Luxembourg sportsman of the year elections, where Andy and Fränk unjustly only became second and third.

After cashier René Thill reported about the healthy fanclub financial situation, the programm of both riders was announced to the members of the fanclub.

Mayor Maggy Nagel congratulated both riders in the name of the whole community of Mondorf and also spoke about the ashaming sportsman of the year election.

The fanclub donated a check of 1000 Eurofor a good cause. The president of the charity organisation ALAN received the check and was thankful for the help of the fanclub and Fränk and Andy Schleck.

© Edmond FRIESS
A 1000 Euro scheck for ALAN (© Edmond FRIESS

The fanclub surprised Fränk and Andy Scleck with a nice present. Both riders received a complete fishing equipment. Fränk and Andy were happy with the great support of their fans and were thanking them for that.

Former rider and father of the Schleck brothers, John Schleck also attended at the fanclub meeting. Another John Schleck, a cousin of Andy and Fränk, made a movie about the most important stages of the last years and the showed his movie to the fans.

The evening ended with a good meal with the Schleck brothers. The fans and Andy and fränk Schleck enjoyed this fanclub day very much and had plenty of opportunities to talk with each other. 

Text and pictures:  Edmond FRIESS,

Edited by Cyclingheroes

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