Open letter to UCI and ASO: UCI president McQuaid is isolating himself

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19.03.2008/ Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme reacted on the open letter to the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Amaury Sport organisation (ASO) last week. Until now the UCI was not willing to comment the open letter. It seems that the UCI doesn't care about the critisism against its handling of the conflict with Tour de France organiser ASO. The man behind the open letter, sports journalist Henry Fecherolle, spoke with French sports minister Bernard Laporte about the ongoing crisis.

© Henry Fecherolle
Henry Fecherolle ( Henry Fecherolle)

UCI president Pat McQuaid announced on Friday that he will temporarily cut the ties with the International Association of Professional Cycling Groups (AIGCP). Prudhomme said in his reaction on the open letter that cycling is in great danger. The UCI did not react at all.

The iniator of the open letter, Henry Fecherolle said: "I am trying to get in contact with mister McQuaid for several days now, using various channels." The iniator of the open letter continued by saying: "Mister Mcquaid isn't doing himself a favour with his current attitude. In the last days I have spoken with numerous personalities of the cycling world. Conclusion: The already bad atmosphere is developing rapidly in a disadvantage for the UCI. The confidence in mister McQuaid is dissapearing more and more. I completely don't understand how a president of a federation is opposing the interests of those, who he should respresent and protect."

Many race organisers from various countries signed the open letter. They are suffering under the current situation, many of them are affraid their races may not survive. "Off the record, I was told more then once that if ASO plans their own racing series, the race organisers will do everything they can to join forces with ASO and leave the UCI," Fecherolle said.

Fecherolle also had contact with the French minister for sports, Bernard Laporte. On Saturday Laporte said he would protect French riders against possible UCI sanctions. Laporte also offered to mediate in the ongoing dispute between ASO and UCI. Fecherolle welcomes the move of the minister and wants to do everything he can to bring both parties back to the negotiating table. "I proposed mister Laporte to join forces in this case."

The letter is availble in French, German and English. Click here to read the full open letter (its possible to sign the letter as well) 

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