UCI: Disciplinary Commission decide on Paris - Nice sanctions against riders

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26.03.2008/ Representatives of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Cyclistes Professionnels Associés (CPA) have met yesterday to discuss possible sanctions against riders who started at Paris-Nice. In other UCI news, the UCI announced that it sued the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). WADA reacted with a statement.

In a joint statement CPA and UCI said that: "The CPA (Cyclistes Professionnels Associés) have met today in Geneva by the UCI to discuss the disciplinary consequences for riders who participated in Paris-Nice recently. A delegation of riders expressed their grave concerns regarding the state of professional cycling. The CPA also explained how the riders find themselves in very weak position in this context."

But the UCI was not willing to back off. The disciplinary committee of the UCI will take a decision about possible santions for the riders. The UCI "reminded the participants of the various stages that had led to the current situation. The UCI also made it clear that it is the role of its Disciplinary Commission to decide on the appropriate sanctions for riders who participate in an event which has not been registered on the UCI’s calendar by the French Cycling Federation."

The UCI and CPA also agreed to step up their exchanges of communication.


And as if the UCI doesn't have enough problems yet, the International Cycling Union sued the World Anti-Doping Agency' s former president Richard Pound. In a press release the UCI said that the UCI and its vice-president Hein Verbruggen "have sued Mr. Richard Pound former President of WADA before Swiss courts for what they perceive as being continual injurious and biased comments by Mr. Pound against UCI and Mr. Verbruggen in the context of the efforts made by them to eradicate doping from their sport. Indeed, on many occasions, Mr. Pound has publicly questioned the extent of the UCI’s efforts in the fight against doping."

WADA reacted in a press release in which the organisation said "this action by UCI in suing WADA’s former president is in fact an action against WADA. WADA will be taking all steps necessary to ensure that the court is fully informed of issues and facts relating to doping in cycling. WADA will instruct legal counsel to represent WADA and its former president in this regard, and to robustly defend and reject the unfounded allegations made by the UCI."

WADA is surprised that the UCI found a budget for the case against its former president Pound. WADA said: "It is especially disappointing that the UCI takes these steps and commits its finances to legal action against WADA, rather than assisting in the funding of the Landis appeal. UCI specifically declined to contribute to the Landis case on the grounds that it had “no budget” to do so. Yet the appeal was specifically conducted under UCI rules, involved a breach of the sport’s anti-doping policy, and is a major case for the sport." 

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