Swiss cycling federation: Ullrich doping case likely to be tough battle

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18.08.2006/ The president of the Swiss Cycling federation, Lorenz Schlaefli, told newsagency AFP that it's expected disciplinary action against Jan Ullrich will be a very difficult case.

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Jan Ullrich during this years Giro (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Schaefli told the newsagency that:"It will involve particular and immense legal problems". It's the first time the Swiss Cycling federation have a case without a positive test, there are only indications.
Although the Swiss federation announced on Wednesday August 16 that they would launch disciplinary action against Ullrich, Schaefli told AFP on Thursday that his federation was not yet in a position to actually start the case. The case documents on the Spanish Fuentes investigation the Swiss Cycling federation has received from the UCI so far are uncertified and not legally up to the scratch, the president of the Swiss Cycling Federation cautioned.

"If we had opened the process with these documents, it would have lasted just five minutes," Lorenz Schlaefli said, stating that Ullrich's lawyer would have had the case dismissed before it was even opened.

Schaefli also confirmed a report on Jan Ullrichs website,, that the head of Swiss Cycling's disciplinary body for doping cases, Professor Gerhard Walter, would not be handling any disciplinary action against Jan Ullrich after the German rider had objected to his involvement.
Schaefli told AFP: "Mr Walter was in the press a lot and it's clear that if you are, then you're not always 100 percent objective. So he won't be managing the case,".
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