Deutsche Telekom financed infamous professor Keul of Freiburg university

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08.12.2007 / Although the university of Freiburg had a bad reputation in respect to performance enhancing drugs, former Telekom rider Bert Dietz told German TV station ARD that it was Telekom who introduced the university of Freiburg to the team. Todays edition of German daily newspaper 'Stuttgarter Zeitung' published a story announcing that Deutsche Telekom financed research of the infamous Professor doctor Joseph Keul.

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Patrick Sinkewitz wasn't the only one... (picture: cyclingheroes)

According to 'Stuttgarter Zeitung' Patrick Sinkewitz wasn't the only T-Mobile rider who drove to the university of Freiburg after the first stage of the 2006 edition of the Tour de France. Sinkewitz confessed that he was there to receive a blood transfusion. At least four more T-Mobile riders drove to Freiburg that night.

The public university of Freiburg allegedly has a long tradition of performance enhancing drugs, the first doping case which is allegedly linked with the German university is from the 1952 Olympic games in Helsinki.

Todays 'Stuttgarter Zeitung' published a story that the former head of the sports medicine department of the Freiburg university, professor doctor Joseph Keul was financed by Deutsche telekom. In a court case between doctor Armin Klümpner (another Freiburg doctor with a questionable reputation in relation to performance enhancing drugs) and Professor Joseph Keul, a German court ruled in 1992 that Klümpner rightly claimed that professor Keul gave performance enhancing drugs to athletes during the 1976 olympic games in Montreal. That did not prevent former Deutsche Telekom ceo, Ron Sommer to sign a private contract with Keul in 1992. Keul received a six-figure sum.

Deutsche Telekom and Joseph Keul signed another contract at February 4, 1999. The German telecommunication giant paid 1.35 million German Mark (about 660,000  euro) . With the money, the supporting group for doping free sports was founded. Keul was the chairman of the group, his pupil Lothar Heinrich was secretary and Andreas Schmid was the main beneficiary. Conference proceedings of september 19, 2001, proof that six research projects about epo abuse were financed by the supporting group. Six years later Heinrich and Schmid confessed to have doped Telekom riders with epo at the same time that they were working for the supporting group of doping free sports.

The question is what the research was about. Was it about finding better ways to detect performance enhancing drugs or was it about finding better ways to cover up the use of banned substances. Keul died of cancer in the year 2000. The Joseph Keul foundation, Deutsche Telekom, the German Olympic sports federation, the German national Olympic committee, the state sports federation and the pharmaceutical industry were the main sponsors of the sports medicine department at the Freiburg university. In addition to the state funding of the university, the sponsors paid 1,2 million euros per year.

Another Freiburg doctor, Georg Huber, confessed to have doped U23 riders. The 64 year old was suspended by the university after his confession. According to 'Stuttgarter Zeitung' Huber did "anything" for his clients, which were not only athletes but also top managers like the ceo of Porsche, Wendelin Wiedeking. Huber was also responsible for the German Olympic pharmacy and a member of the medical commission of the German National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). Insiders claim that because of his position at NADA, the Freiburg group was very well informed about which substances could be detected and which couldn't. Its said that Huber offered to speak out when the investigation against his person will be shelved.

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