Saul Raisin: "I need to find new dreams to follow"

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09.12.2007/ Saul Raisin will join Cyclingheroes in 2008. The 24 year old will write regularly for our website. But Raisin has other plans as well. Cyclingheroes spoke with Saul Raisin about the end of his pro career, his wedding and his future plans.

Cyclingheroes: Congratulations for you and your wife Aleeza Zabriskie. How was your wedding?
Saul Raisin: Our wedding was amazing.  It was a dream come true.  It was just us and our parents on the beach at sunset.  I have posted pictures on my website for everyone to look at. [You will find the wedding pictures at: . Click at photos and stuff
Cyclingheroes: How did you feel after French doctors decided not to release you to race again?
Saul Raisin: It was a hard thing to hear because it killed my dream of being a pro cyclist.  I always thought I could do great things in the sport and it was hard to hear I could not do it.

Cyclingheroes: What are your future plans?
Saul Raisin: Right now I want to build my Raisin Hope Fund to help other people with injuries.  I need to find new dreams to follow.  I would like to help junior cyclists.  I want to find employment opportunities where I can help people.  Most of all, I want to help Aleeza follow her dreams.

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Saul Raisin during the 2005 Tour de Suisse (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: How was it for you to work with co-author Dave Shields on your book Tour de Life?
Saul Raisin: It was a lot of hard work.  It is a true story and difficult to re-read over and over again.  Details were important and it was hard to get it just right.  Overall, Dave did a great job and his passion for the story helped me with my difficulties. 
Cyclingheroes: You and Dave just won the best sports biography award of the US best book awards. What kind of feedback did you receive after your book Tour de Life was published?
Saul Raisin: All the feedback has been good. My goal was to help people with injuries and a lot of people write me telling me how much my story inspired them.  What else can I ask for?
Cyclingheroes: Can you tell us more about Raisin Hope?
Saul Raisin: It was created to help people realize that they can get through difficult times in their life if they believe in themselves.  I want to give people hope.  We raise money for various charities to support people with brain injuries and raise awareness of how brain injury effects people and their families.   

Cyclingheroes: Will there be another Raisin Hope auction again next year?
Saul Raisin: Yes, we are starting to plan it now.  I am going to make it an annual event and hope it grows every year.


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