2008 goals of Kuota-Senges: "winning as many races as possible and have fun"

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10.12.2007 / German continental team Regiostrom-Senges found a new title sponsor and will start under the name Kuota-Senges in the 2008 season. Australian rider Luke Roberts returns to the team after 3 seasons with team CSC. Cyclingheroes spoke with team manager Markus Ganser.

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Luke Roberts during the 2006 edition of Rund um Köln (picture: cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: Are you satisfied with the past season?

Markus Ganser: Yes, we have had great successes and we had a lot of fun in the team.

Cyclingheroes: In 2008 the team will start under a new name: Kuota-Senges.  Was it difficult to find a new title sponsor for the team in the current climate in Germany?

Markus Ganser: Basically yes, but we work with Kuota as a co-sponsor very well and successful for a long time now. That resulted in expending our collaboration.

Cyclingheroes: Luke Roberts returns after three years. What is his role in the team?

Markus Ganser: He and Björn Glasner will have to lead the team.

Cyclingheroes: Björn Glasner and Malaya van Ruitenbeek renewed their contract. Can you say more about the 2008 roster?

Markus Ganser: Bertling, Van Ruitenbeek, (Stefan) Ganser, Glasner, Möhlmann, Maus, Didier, Klessa and trainee Kurth will stay. New signings are [apart from Luke Roberts] Knauer from the national junior squad and Thom van Dulmen of  Rabobank. More riders will follow in the coming days.

Cyclingheroes: What goals does the team have in 2008?

Markus Ganser: To win as many races as possible and to have fun.

Cyclingheroes: You started at the Ironman at Hawaii. Are you satisfied with your performance at Hawaii?

Markus Ganser: I am very happy that I was able to qualify myself for Hawaii at my first ever triathlon, the ironman Lanzarote. Hawaii itself was so so. I had two fatigue fractures in my shinbone so I had to struggle with great pain.

Cyclingheroes: Will we see you again at the Ironman Hawaii next year?

Markus Ganser: Who knows?

Cyclingheroes: Markus we wish you and the team all the best for the upcoming season.

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