Neil Shirley: "I would really like to win at Redlands , Cascade, or Toona"

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13.12.2007 / Neil Shirley surprised the cycling world with a sensational third place at the USPRO road racing championships. The 29 year old rider of Jittery Joe's professional cycling team would like to win a NRC stage race in 2008. Cyclingheroes spoke with Neil Shirley.

Copyright Jittery Joe's cycling team
Neil Shirley renewed with Jittery Joe's... (picture: Jittery Joe's cycling team)

Cyclingheroes: Congratulations with the birth of your daughter Charlotte Joy. How is she doing?

Neil Shirley: Charlotte is doing great. She is 3 weeks old now and is amazing. She has been very easy so far, I even get to sleep throughout the whole night!

Cyclingheroes: Are you satisfied with your performance in the 2007  season?

Neil Shirley: Yes and no. I am very satisfied with some of my results in 07'  such as USPRO, Philly Invitational and Edgar Soto Stage Race. But, I  was not as consistent as I would like to be. There are so many other  races that I am excited about and I know I can do well at so now I  just need to make it happen.

Cyclingheroes: You had some offers from other teams. What made you  decide to stay with Jittery Joe's ?

Neil Shirley: I had some other good offers for 08' but ultimately I decided that   Jittery Joe's was where I wanted to be. The management has been very good to me over the last couple of years and some of my best friends are on the team. The team is really like my extended family and I knew that would be hard to duplicate on a different program.

Cyclingheroes: What is your role in the team?

Neil Shirley: In 07' I guess I would say I was a co-leader on the team. I definitely had my opportunities but with Cesar Grajales on the team he was usually the main guy at any stage race. For 08' I think I will  have the leadership role more often. With that comes added responsibility and pressure but that can definitely be a good thing.

Cyclingheroes: You are coaching other riders as well. Can you tell us more about your coaching programm?

Neil Shirley: I am coaching a select group of riders from the Southern California area. They are all different levels and ages. I am really enjoying working with everyone. It's been a great way for me to share my passion and knowledge of the sport with others. I am really hoping that over the next couple of years I can keep expanding my coaching business to be able to work with more people.

Cyclingheroes: What are your main goals in 2008?

Neil Shirley: My main goals for 08' would be to win a NRC stage race. I would really like to win at Redlands , Cascade, or Toona'. I feel that I finally have all the pieces in place to pull of a big GC win. Olympic Trials is also a goal of mine. That should be a tough slugfest with an Olympic spot on the line. And, of course USPRO. The course is perfect for me and after getting so much confidence out of my third place in 07' I'll be looking to climb up two more steps!

Cyclingheroes: Neil we wish you all the best for the upcoming season!

Neil Shirley: Thanks!

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