Sean Tucker (Toyota-United) satisfied with 2007 season: "We won 40 races and had 97 podiums."

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16.12.2007 / Toyota-United had a very succesfull season. The US continetal team won 40 races and 97 podium spots. Cyclingheroes spoke with Toyota-United team owner Sean P. Tucker.

© Kathleen Poulos
Ivan Dominguez won the WCSN USA crits in Las Vegas (picture: ŠKathleen Poulos)

Cyclingheroes: Toyota-United signed Dominique Rollin for the upcoming season. Can you introduce him to our readers ?

Sean P. Tucker: Dominique Rollin is the newest face on the Toyota-United roster for 2008 and the team's first-ever Canadian. He is 27 years old and from Boucherville, Quebec. He is a six-time national champion who won seven races in 2007 and finished third overall at the inaugural Tour of Missouri. I think he possesses extremely mature racing habits for someone of his age and the fact that he's such an all-around rider makes him ideally suited to the U.S. circuit.

Cyclingheroes: What will be his [Dominique Rollin] role in the team ?

Sean P. Tucker: Lead-out man and sprinter.

Cyclingheroes: Can you tell us more about the 2008 roster of Toyota-United ?

Sean P. Tucker: Rollins joins three other newcomers already announced to the team's 2008 roster: Ben Day and brothers Hilton and Jonny Clarke. All three are Australians, bringing to six the number of riders from Down Under now on the Toyota-United roster. 10 of the previous 14 guys are coming back.

Cyclingheroes: Are you satified with the performance of the team in the past season ?

Sean P. Tucker: Absolutely!  We won 40 races and had 97 podiums.  We won the final stage at the Amgen Tour of California [Ivan Dominguez], Stage 2 of the Tour De Georgia [Ivan Stevic] and the first and last stage of the inaugural Tour of Missouri [Dominguez].  Not too mention Stevic won the B World Road  Campionships and securing his spot in the 2008 Olympic Road Race.  Bobby Lea won the US Madison Nationals on the track too.  

Cyclingheroes: What do you think of the plans to create a Tour of America?

Sean P. Tucker: Great idea and much needed and deserved for a country the size of the US.

Cyclingheroes: How does the team prepare for the upcoming season ?

Sean P. Tucker: Lots and lots of kilometers and rest in between training sessions.  Len [Pettyjohn, the new team director] is working with a couple new trainers to test the guys early season fitness and adjust their schedules accordingly.  In the past, we had all 14 riders get in the best shape possible for  the Amgen Tour of California and by mid season everyone was toast.  Len is dividing the team in half and saying "you guys be ready for TOC and you guys ready for the Tour De Georgia on".  That way we can have guys good all season.

Cyclingheroes: What are the main goals for Toyota-United in 2008 ?

Sean P. Tucker: WIN as many races as possible.

Cyclingheroes: Sean we wish you and the team all the best for the upcoming season!

Sean P. Tucker: Thanks!

Copyright Toyota-United

Sean P. Tucker

Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team Owner Sean Tucker is a former independent professional cyclist and lifelong entrepreneur who first developed his passion for cycling at the age of 10. He went on to win the bronze medal at the U.S. National Criterium Championships in 1985 and subsequently qualified for and competed in the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials. A principal in several businesses, Tucker presently owns and operates the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team and serves as the Managing Member of United Cycling, L.L.C. which wholly owns and operates United Pro Cycling Team, L.L.C. and United Bicycles, L.L.C.

He and his wife, Leslie, currently reside in Santa Monica, California (USA).

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