Matt Wilson: "Things that used to bother me before cancer don't affect me in the slightest now."

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29.12.2007/ Australian rider Matt Wilson was one of many riders who had to find a new team, after title sponsor decided to leave the sport. The overall winner of this years Herald Sun Tour signed with Team Type 1 and is very happy with his new team. An interview with Matt Wilson.

© Team Type 1
Team Type 1 in the moutains of California (© Team Type 1)

Cyclingheroes: Unibet had a lot of problems this year. The team had a pro-tour license but still you and your teammates were not allowed to start at many important races. Was it difficult for you? 

Matt Wilson: It was terrible. The main problem was that we never knew 100% if we were doing the race or not until a few days before it, so we had to train and keep focused as if we were competing only to get ourselves into the best condition possible and then be told we weren't racing. And to make things even more frustrating, because of our pro tour status, we couldn't get into a lot of the small races either as they were only allowed to have a small number of pro tour teams compete. So it's been a long year of sitting on the sofa watching it all unfold on TV.

Cyclingheroes: Apart from these problems... Are you satisfied with the 2007 season?

Matt Wilson: In the end yes. At times this year I have felt in the best shape of my career but it never really came to much results wise until the Sun Tour right at the end of the season. But I think I have found myself in a lot of ways this year so I have to be satisfied with that.
Cyclingheroes: Although you won the Herald Sun Tour, it looked like it was very difficult for you to find a new team. How did you came into contact with Team Type 1?
Matt Wilson: Yes, it has been extremely difficult. This year with so many teams folding, the market has been flooded with riders. I must have called every DS in Europe but they had 40 or 50 good bike riders a day calling them, offering to race for peanuts. By the time I started looking at racing in the U.S, all the big teams were full so it was really looking grim for a while. Then I heard about Team Type 1 through another rider here, I made contact with Tom Shuler and Ed Beamon and everything fell into place.

Cyclingheroes: Did the fact you suffered and successfully fought against Hodgkin's disease changed your life as a person and a rider?
Matt Wilson: It completely changed me as both. Its sounds a bit cliché, but my whole outlook on life changed for the better and it has been a change that has remained permanently. Things that used to bother me before cancer don't affect me in the slightest now

Cyclingheroes: Team Type 1 supports diabetes healthcare. Does it make a big difference for you to ride for a good cause instead of riding for a title sponsor like Unibet? 
Matt Wilson: For sure! I already feel much more enthusiastic about speaking to the media and going the extra length for the team and I guess it is for that very reason. I also really identify with the team's cause because of my own health problems in the past, and I think many other people will identify with it in the same way. I think the team has a great message and that's really refreshing

Cyclingheroes: What will be your role at Team Type 1?
Matt Wilson: I see myself coming to Team Type 1 as a captain/leader. I'll be putting a lot more pressure on myself this year to get results and I’m really excited about getting the opportunity to do that. I also think there are a lot of riders on the team who are capable of winning on any given day, so I think with the right direction and team spirit we can get some great results.

Cyclingheroes: What will be your main goals in 2008?

Matt Wilson: At the moment we still don't have a compete racing program in place so it's hard to say. For now I’m concentrating on the National Championships and the Tour Down Under in January and keeping my fingers crossed that we start in the tour of California as well. After that, I’ll sit down with Ed [Beamon, team manager Team Type 1] and discuss the way we want the season to go.

© Professional Cycling Team

Matt Wilson
Born: October 1, 1977
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
Height: 1.86 mtr
Weight: 72 kg
Turned Pro: 2001

2001            Mercury-Viatel

2002 - 2005: Française des Jeux

2006 - 2007

2008 -         Team Type 1


2004: Australian National Road Race Champrion

2007: Stage 1 Herald Sun Tour

2007: Overall Herald Sun Tour

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