Jörg Jaksche: "My first priority is to ride again."

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25.01.2008/ Last year Jörg Jaksche was the first crown witness for state- and sports authorities in the 'Operacion Puerto' case. Jaksche's life certainly has changed after his confession but he still wants to return to the peloton. An interview with Jörg Jaksche: "My first priority is to ride again."

In an interview last year with Cyclingheroes Jörg Jaksche sounded quite optimistic about finding a team to race with after the end of his ban. Jaksche told Cyclingheroes: "I suppose with some teams I don't stand a chance... But there are other possibilities. I think I would get a contract." 

Earlier this month Milram team manager Gerry van Gerwen said during a press conference that he couldn't sign Jaksche or Sinkewitz because the so-called ethical charter of the Pro-Tour teams would prohibit to sign a banned rider for two additional years after a ban would be over. However article XIIc of the ethical charter or code de conduit refers to article 266 of the UCI anti-doping rules.

Article 266 says: "The Hearing Panel may also reduce the period of Ineligibility in an individual case where the License-Holder has provided substantial assistance which results in discovering or establishing an anti-doping rule violation by another Person involving Possession under article 15.6.2 (Possession by Rider Support Personnel), article 15.7 (Trafficking), or article 15.8 (administration to a Rider). Thereduced period of Ineligibility may not, however, be less than one-half of the minimum period of Ineligibility otherwise applicable."

Jörg Jaksche is represented by German attorney Michael Lehner. According to Lehner it was indicated to him that the UCI threatened Pro-Tour teams with harassment if they would sign Jaksche or Patrick Sinkewitz (Lehner also represents Sinkewitz).

Cyclingheroes: What is the state of affairs around a possible new team?

Jörg Jaksche: Nothing new really. I spoke with Jaques Hanegraaf [Team manager of Collstrop, the follow-up team of, editor]. He will decide if and how we will proceed.

Cyclingheroes: In German media there were reports that you might found your own team...

Jörg Jaksche: A German reporter asked me if I could imagine to found my own team. I said: why not? The headline of the story was: 'Jaksche will start his own team' [laughing]. In Germany there is a cry for news and headlines. But in principle it is an intresting idea.

Cyclingheroes: Several people threatened to sue you after your confessions. Did any of them sue you?

Jörg Jaksche: No, nobody filed a lawsuit against me.

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Jörg Jaksche with Manolo Saiz (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: Do you think CONI [Italian Olympic Committee] will be able to ban any foreign athletes that are allegedly involved in 'Operacion Puerto' ?

Jörg Jaksche: The Italians have the juridical possibility to do something. Theoretically they could ban riders from the Giro or other races in Italy. I think something will happen.

Cyclingheroes: Do you already know when your appeal will be heard?

Jörg Jaksche: I still don't know yet. For me... worst case scenario would be Juli 2008.

Cyclingheroes: You were considering to go to university...

Jörg Jaksche: My first priority is to ride again. But I also think a lot about what to do with my life if that wouldn't be possible. I can't wait another year. But I will fight to the last. There ís a lot of headwind but I hope for a positive outcome.



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