Magnus Backstedt: "I am hoping to be able to qualify for the 2008 Olympics on the track."

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01.12.2006/ Magnus Backstedt crashed a month ago when training on the track with fellow Swede Freddie Johansson. 20 year old Johansson spent five days in hospital before being released and Marcus Backstedt had to be operated on his shoulder. The operation was a great success and Backsktedt now has a titanium plate in his shoulder. Cyclingheroes spoke with "Big Maggy".

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Magnus Backstedt: "I'm slowly getting back on track with my shoulder injury"(picture: Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: When did you start racing ?

Magnus Backstedt: I started riding at the age of 12, just to strengthen my legs for my downhill skiing which at that time was my number 1 sport. I later started to focus more on my cycling, when I was 20 I did a race in South Africa and was approached by the Collstrop team. They then asked me if I had thought about turning pro and I jumped at the idea. 

Cyclingheroes: Can you tell us something about cycling in Sweden ?

Magnus Backstedt: There are races every weekend in Sweden, and the level is pretty good I must say. We have never had many riders in Sweden as cycling is a small sport up there, but the standard is quite good. It seems that we have a couple of really good Juniors coming through every year.

Cyclingheroes: What was your personal highlight of the 2006 season? Or was it a season to forget about quickly ?

Magnus Backstedt: I must say that I am struggling to find a highlight of the 2006 season. I have had too many injuries and have had to fight so hard to get myself back on to any sort of form. I can't wait for new years eve to throw this years calendar out and start over again 2007.

Cyclingheroes: You have had a few injuries. How are you doing after your last injury ? And when will you be able to train again ?

Magnus Backstedt: I'm slowly getting back on track with my shoulder injury. It's still not back to perfect, but i'm putting a lot of work in to it. I can only ride a bit on the turbo trainer every day at the moment, but i am hoping to be able to ride outdoors in the middle of December.

Cyclingheroes: You worked as a commentator for Swedish Eurosport at this years Paris-Roubaix, was it the first time you did something like that ?

Magnus Backstedt: I have done some of that stuff before. Me and my PR manager Martin McCrossan did the track worlds last year for and I must say that I really enjoyed it alot. I could definitely see myself doing something like that after my career on the bike.

Cyclingheroes: With your manager, Martin McCrossan, you are helping young riders. What kind of help do you provide for young riders?

Magnus Backstedt: It varies quite a bit, sometimes its just showing up at a kids race giving out prices, other times its a bit more specific towards training or advise on bike setup. Then there is the part for the riders of about 19-23 and I do have one or two more serious projects. One is a 20 year old swedish rider who I am at the moment helping out with pretty much everything. I think he will be able to become a very good professional rider in a year or so. He is currently living with me and my family and spends all his time training with me. Learning the trade sort of speak.

Cyclingheroes: How is your coffee brand doing? We heard it's a non profit project, so what will happen with the profit?

Magnus Backstedt: My coffee is going quite well, we have had some problems with my website, so I haven't been able to build on the sales so much this year, but I am hoping to have it sorted before christmas. The money made goes in to young cyclists that me and Martin think have good potential and could need a bit of help finacially. As we all know it is not a cheap sport and to have some money coming in like this could mean that the selected riders can afford to go to another training camp or go abroad and race. I think its a way for me to put something back in to the sport which has given me so much. Keep your eyes open on or you can send a mail to Martin from my website and well get something sorted if you need some coffee now.

Cyclingheroes: You also did some track racing during the winter in the past? Do you like to do track races ?

Magnus Backstedt: I do love riding the track, and I was planning on doing some more of it this winter, but as you all know that went out the window when I smashed my shoulder. I am hoping to be able to qualify for the 2008 Olympics on the track. I like the six days as well, but I prefer the atmosphere of the world cups and the big championships.

Cyclingheroes: Can you tell us something  about the 2007 Liquigas roster?

Magnus Backstedt: We have a lot of new names and some quite big names at that, so I hope this year will be a successful one. On the paper it certainly looks like a very strong team.

Cyclingheroes: Do you already know something about your 2007 race programm? When will you do your first road race?

Magnus Backstedt: My program will be pretty much the same as last year, but I don't know yet when I will start the season. I want to make sure i'm ready for it before I head out to the races. Both my shoulder and my legs need to be in good condition to head out and race. I don't see the point in racing if i can't leave my mark on the race.

Cyclingheroes: What are your personal goals for the 2007 season?

Magnus Backstedt: It is as every year Paris-Roubaix, but the Tour starts in London next year and it will be very high up on my wishlist to do well there.

Cyclingheroes: Magnus we wish you good luck for the 2007 season and a good recovery of your injury!

Magnus Backstedt: Thank you!


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