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26.05.2007/ Former Telekom riders Uwe Raab and Bernd Gröne accuse Telekom team management and former Tour of Flanders winner Edwig van Hooydonck. accuses Johan Museeuw. Jörg Müller and Christian Henn accused Peter Weibel to have provided them with PEDs. Peter Weibel is a trainer of the German Cycling Federation 

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Rolf Aldag passed Van Hooydonck at the GP Eddy Merckx.....(Picture: Cyclingheroes)

After the doping confessions of several former Telekom riders and team doctors Lothar Heinrich and Andreas Schmid more riders speak out. Former Telekom riders Uwe Raab and Bernd Gröne accused the team management of the Telekom squad to have offered PEDs to both riders. Raab told German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Yes, the Team management offered me doping substances. As I refused I was out and my career was finished." Raab (44) was a member of the Telekom squad from 1993 until 1995. His former teammate at Telekom Bernd Gröne told Süddeutsche: "In the end I am the fool now, who climbed the mountains with only what was in his legs and was sorted out in 1995 because I wasn't good enough anymore. No wonder if the others doped." Gröne said Belgian soigneurs offered PEDs to him but after he asked team doctors about the risks he decided not to take doping.
Former Belgian pro Edwig Van Hooydonck, a two times winner of the Tour of Flanders told Belgian daily newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen that 1996 world champion Johan Museeuw used doping before his final year as a pro: "He said he only doped in the final year of his career. That's rubbish! He took something all the time, that's simply how it was."
Van Hooydonck retired in 1996 when he was only 30 years old and said the reason was he wasn't able to win anymore because he could not keep up with his rivals who took epo. "When I think about all those beautiful victories that were snapped away from me I get really angry," Van Hooydonck said. "But I did not continue with a profession were one is surrounded by people who know more about medicines as many pharmacists do."
Van hooydonck told about Rolf Aldag: "He passed me once at the time trail race Grand Prix Eddy Merckx, so he took over two minutes - thereby I had won that race two times." Van Hooydonck continued by saying: "It realy started in 1992/93, but in my Raas team we rode decently. The new riders couldn't believe that they banged their head against a brick wall." The former sprinter Abdoujaparov was shocked: He pounded the other teams because he couldn't race without his medicines."
The reason to retire was a duel during the 1996 Fleche Brabanconne. Van Hooydonck said: "We were both the raceleaders of the one day classic race Fleche Brabanconne. That was my race. The day before Johan had won the GP E3 in Harelbeke. I did not start there instead I had recovered, so i reckoned with a victory. But on the Alsemberg climb he just let me standing there, he was able to ride with a much bigger gear."
In a reaction Johan Museeuw denied and is sorry: "that a two time winner of the Tour of Flanders let himself drag into such false and unfounded allegations."
In another development Peter Weibel, a trainer of the German Cycling Federation was accused to have doped two of his former amateur top riders with testosterone.  Jörg Müller, a former member of the German national squad told German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung: "It did not start in 1995, like at Telekom but much earlier," the 39 year old said. As early as in 1987 he was doped with Andriol [testosterone]. "They made it very easy for us and Weibel gave us other drugs as well, I don't know what it was, we got injections as well," Müller said. Doping was seen as necessary to be able to compete against the East German team. Müller continued by saying: "It was clear to us that those of the East (Germany) doped, so we had to take something as well. The whole happened in close coordination with professor Huber of the university of Freiburg." Müller got in contact with the Süddeutsche because he wanted to fight the hypocrisy.
After he already confessed Epo use a few days ago, former telekom rider and now Gerolsteiner sports director Christian Henn confirmed the allegations of Müller. Henn told Süddeutsche: "I received (andriol, testosterone] it from Weibel, furthermore I received cortisone." Henn also said: "I will only tell the truth now."
Weibel works as trainer at the German Cycling Federation since decades and also coached Jan Ullrich at the 1993 world championships which were won by Ullrich.

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