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29.06.2007/ According to UCI anti-doping director Anne Gripper there is a possibility that the Astana team might be excluded from the Tour.

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Will Alexander Vinokourov be excluded from the Tour again? (picture: Cyclingheroes)

After the allegations against Eddy Mazzoleni, who is suspected to be involved in the so called "oil for drugs case" and the high value for testosteron of Matthias Kessler, chances are growing that team Astana as a whole might be excluded from the Tour de France again.

UCI anti-doping representative Anne Gripper told German daily newspaper Handelsblatt: "It's rather likely that Astana will be excluded from the Tour. Nevertheless we have to wait for what Kessler's B probe might reveil," said the Australian.

The code of ethics of the pro-tour teams says that a team can be excluded after two doping cases within 12 months.

Update: Astana roster for Tour de France - riders will sign new UCI charter

Meanwhile the Astana team announced the Astana team roster for the Tour de France and that their riders will all sign the new UCI charter.. Here is the announcement:

The Astana Cycling Team announces the official list (in alphabetical order) of its cyclists who will be at the start of the Tour de France :

Antonio Colom (ESP) first time participation

Maxim Iglinskiy (KAZ) 3rd participation

Sergue´ Ivanov (RUS) 6th participation, winner of one stage

in 2001 at Aix-les-Bains

Andrej Kashechkin (KAZ) 2nd participation, 19th in 2005

Andreas Kl÷den (GER) 5th participation, 2nd in 2004 and

3rd (?) in 2006

Daniel Navarro (ESP) first time participation

Gregory Rast (SUI) first time participation

Paolo Savoldelli (ITA) 6th participation, winner of two stages

in 2005 at Blois and at Revel

Alexander Vinokourov (KAZ) 6th participation, 3rd in 2003,

winner of one stage in 2003 at Gap

and of two stages in 2005 at Brianšon

and at Paris

Stand by

Gennady Mikhailov (RUS) 2 participations (2001 and 2002)

JosÚ Antonio Redondo (ESP) No participation

Sports Managers: Mario Kummer (GER) and Adriano Baffi (ITA)

In addition, the Astana Cycling Team announces that all cyclists at the start of the Tour de France, as well as all other members of the team, have signed or are in the process of signing the letter of interest of the UCI in favour of a new cycling.

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