Sanchez & Rojas: "Echavarri will have to speak with UCI officials to clarify this once and for all"

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16.08.2007/Reporter Susanne Götz spoke for Cyclingheroes with Luis Leon Sanchez and young gun José Joaquin Rojas of the Caisse d'Epargne team after stage 6 of the Tour of Germany.

Copyright Cyclingheroes
Luis Leon Sanchez, Susanne Götz and José Joaquin Rojas. (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: Welcome in Germany at the Tour of Germany. Do you like it here ?

Rojas and Sanchez: Thanks. Very good. Today ([August 15, in Kufstein, Austria] the weather was really good. The food is great - we are having a good time here.

Cyclingheroes: Is it the first time you race the Tour of Germany?

Rojas: Yes.

Sanchez: It's the second time I am here. For two years I was here with Liberty [Seguros]. For two years it was cold and wet, it was awful, but this time its great.

Cyclingheroes: Your team won the Rettenbachferner stage [the queen stage of the Tour of germany]on Tuesday. How was the climb and how were you guys doing?

Rojas: Well... it went very well... [Rojas is smiling, he came in 78th, 10:30 behind his teammate David Garcia Lopez]

Sanchez: I was in the breakaway group but I had to let them go. That was to steep for me. I used a 25 but I should have used a 27... [Sanchez is also smiling, he came in 27th, 4:17 behind winner Lopez]. But we are happy for David [Lopez] with his stage win.

Cyclingheroes: José in the sprints you always have top results and you are wearing the red jersey [The leaders jersey of the points classification in the Tour of Germany]. Who is helping you to prepare for the final part of the stage?

Rojas: David Lopez and also Luis Leon are helping me. It works very well.

Copyright Cyclingheroes
José Joaquin Rojas wants to start at the 2008 Vuelta Espana... (picture Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: You are both from the Murcia region [Spain]. Are you training together?

Rojas and Sanchez: Yes we train together with Fran Pérez and Alejandro [Valverde]. Its fun!

Cyclingheroes: Speaking of Alejandro Valverde. What is the latest about his nomination for the World Championships after a German local politician said he is not welcome in Stuttgart...

Rojas and Sanchez: Our team manager, Echevarri will have to speak with UCI officials to clarify this once and for all.

Cyclingheroes: Do you know the course of Stuttgart?

Rojas and Sanchez: No.

Cyclingheroes: It is very hard, with 3 climbs including the final climb to the finish. Are you guys nominated?

Rojas: No I gues they think i am to young [Rojas was born on June 8 1985]. But I will have enough time.

Sanchez: Yes I am nominated and ofcourse I want to help my friend Alejandro [Valverde] to won the world's.

Copyright Cyclingheroes
The peloton before the start of the 6th stage of the Tour of Germany (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: What are your plans for the rest of the season?

Sanchez: Well first we want to finish the Tour of Germany succesfully and than I will start at the Vuelta and the world championships.

Rojas: I want to win the Vattenfal Cyclassics in Hamburg on Sunday. Unfortunally I won't start at the Vuelta, I am to young for that [Rojas is looking sad]. But next year...

Cyclingheroes: What do you think of the Tour and did you have time to watch it? Are you satisfied with the results of your team?

Rojas: Yes I watched it on TV and actually I was satisfied.

Sanchez: Unfortunally I did not have the time to watch a lot. But I was satisfied as well.

Cyclingheroes: A question for Luis Leon. You know Tour winner Alberto Contador for many years, are you happy for him?

Sanchez: Yes we know each other for more than 5 years now. He is a very nice guy, ofcourse Michael Rasmussen was clearly the strongest this year. For Alberto and for Spain its a beautiful victory. It's a shame that Alberto gets such a negative press in some countries, he didn't deserve that.

Cyclingheroes: I wish both of you succes, a nice week here and have a good trip back home.

Rojas and Sanchez: Thanks

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