Aart Vierhouten: "After I looked Daan in the eyes I knew this was going to be my team"

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05.12.2007/ Aart Vierhouten signed with Dutch continental team P3 Transfer Batavus. The ambitious team wants to grow into a pro continental team in 2009. Cyclingheroes spoke with Aart Vierhouten and team manager Daan Luijkx.

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Aart Vierhouten during the 2006 Eneco-Tour (picture: cyclingheroes)

Aart Vierhouten
Cyclingheroes: Aart there was a big fuss after you left Skil-Shimano. How do you look back now about the way you left the team?

Aart Vierhouten: My departure does not deserve a beauty award. After the team performed so well and my role in it, it came as a complete surprise that my contract wasn't extended. But I like to look ahead.

Cyclingheroes: How did you came into contact with P3 Transfer Batavus?

Aart Vierhouten: I was called by Daan Luijkx [team manager of P3 Transfer Batavus] and he asked me If I wanted to ride with young guns in an ambitious team. I liked that. We met for a cup of coffee and after I looked Daan in the eyes for a moment I knew this was going to be my team.

Cyclingheroes: What are your goals in the coming year?

Aart Vierhouten: I want to have a top year for the team and support my teammates wherever its necessary.

Cyclingheroes: How does a day of winter training of Aart Vierhouten looks like?

Aart Vierhouten: I get up at 7 o'clock and have breakfast with a double expresso. One day I go to the velodrome to train on the track. I do lots of kilometers behind pace setter Jan Jonker. On the next day 100 kilometers on the road. In the afternoon I do some stretching.

Cyclingheroes: You also give sports clinics. Where do you do that and what is your role at these clinics?

Aart Vierhouten: I give cycling clinics on the road and at tracks at home and abroad. Ofcourse it all starts with a good position, choosing the right gears and riding in the peloton. I teach people about various disciplines of cycling like climbing and descent technics, sprints or team time trials. [If you want to know more about the sports clinics with Aart Vierhouten look at:]

Cyclingheroes: You are 37 years old now, how much longer will we see you in the peloton?

Aart Vierhouten: If you mean on the bike... I don't know, but surely not another three years.

Cyclingheroes: Aart thank you for your time and we wish you all the best for the upcoming season.

Aart Vierhouten: Thanks!

2008 roster P3 Transfer Batavus
Aart Vierhouten (37), Marvin van der Pluijm (28), Bobbie Traksel (26), Wouter Mol (25), Ger Soepenberg (24), Reinier Honig (24), Bart Oegema (24), Gideon de Jong (23), Arnoud van Groen (23), Klaas van Hage (22), Mike Alloo (22), Wim Botman (22), Timothy Vangheel (21), Lars Jun (20, neo), Wout Poels (20, neo), Luc Hagenaars (20, neo)

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Daan Luijkx
Cyclingheroes: Are you satisfied with the past season?

Daan Luijkx: In spring we were always at the front. We were going for the wins but often we were only close although Reinier Honig immediatly won the Dorpenomloop in Rupchen. We rode in Extremadura [UCI 2.2, Spain] as a preparation for Olympia's Tour and everything was great. Reinier Honig was second overall, we won the team classification and Wout Poels won the mountain classification. Still the results at the Olympia's Tour were not that good, mainly because of illness and bad luck. The final part of the season was as good as we expected. Ger Soepenberg won a stage in Leon and Wouter Mol, who was strong in spring as well [he won at Hoboken], won an open classic and had good results in 1.1 races. Mike Alloo won the Meeus-race and the overall of the young riders competition. Over the whole season we can conclude that we had lots of podium places but not enough wins.

Cyclingheroes: What is the role of Aart Vierhouten and Bobbie Traksel at P3 Tranfer batavus next year?

Daan Luijkx: We are riding a lot of 1.1 races. The pressure for good results is pretty high for the current team. Because of the arrival of Aart and Bobbie, who both already did a lot of these kind of races the pressure will be a bit less. They have to take care that one or two riders of the current team filled up with the new riders are still at the front in the final part of the race and they should be with them themselves as well.

Cyclingheroes: P3 Tranfer Batavus wants to grow further in the coming year. What programm will P3 Transfer Batavus have in 2008?

Daan Luijkx: In principal the same programm as we did this year with a few more stage- and 1.1 races.

Cyclingheroes: P3 Transfer Batavus wants to be pro continental in 2009. Are you already negotiating for the necessary bigger budget?

Daan Luijkx: We are indeed contacting potential sponsors for 2009. We had one serious conversation until now but its too early to say anything about it at the moment.

Cyclingheroes: After T-Mobile and Gerolsteiner left the sport and the announcement that Gerolsteiner will quit as well after the 2008 season, German cycling is having a major crisis. How is the situation in the Netherlands?

Daan Luijkx: Becaus of the problems lately you can't exactly say that the right climate was made in which you can easily find a sponsor. On the other hand.. If you look at it from the bright side a sponsor can now achieve a high return of investment in terms of publicity by sponsoring a beautiful team for a relativly small amount of money.

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