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17.08.2006/ Jan Ullrichs manager Wolfgang Strohband stated to the German website today that Ullrich is confident that he will be cleard by the disciplenary commission of the Swiss Cycling federation. 

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Jan Ullrich during this years Giro (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Strohband said that Jan Ullrich is already making plans to continue his career. According to Strohband several teams want to sign Ullrich but he and Ullrich decided to wait untill Ullrich is completely cleared. Strohband also said that it's 100% sure that Jan Ullrich will never wear a T-Mobile jersey again . Last month Ullrich was sacked by T-Mobile. German newspaper Süddeutsche reports about a supposedly yet unknown fax today. The newspaper claims that the fax containing the names Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and several other riders has been sent by Fuentes to the former employee of team Kelme Nelson Giraldo Flores. Cyclingheroes is in possession of the very same fax. Yet this fax is not that brand new evidence as it is part of the bunch of documents published in Spanish media on July 15. Why the Süddeutsche published it this morning as news is not exactly clear.
Ullrichs lawyer Marcus Hotze said in an interview with Netzeitung today that he will make a public announcement soon. Right now he and his colleages are still studying the Puerto documents. The lawyer continued accusing the media to publish a lot of untrue stories about Ullrich, yet they do not intend to react on every single new publication. He also stated that the recently published fax is not evidence of a link between Fuentes and Jan Ullrich and that any indication published so far is refutable.  Hotze: "It's not a fax from Jan Ullrich and not a fax to Jan Ullrich".
During their live coverage of the first stage of the Eneco-Tour Eurosport Germany reported that Olaf Ludwig (former team manager whose contract has been terminated by T-Mobile) is in negotiations with's  manager Jaques Hanegraaf about joining and taking his pro-tour license with him.
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