Confusion about T-Mobile 'Rhine convoy'

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10.12.2007 / On Saturday German daily newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung reported that not only Patrick Sinkewitz received a blood transfusion after the first stage of the 2006 Tour de France. According to the Stuttgarter Zeitung at least 4 more riders received a blood transfusion. But the chairman of the commission that investigates the role of the university of Freiburg claims that his commission is not investigating 5 riders.

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Patrick Sinkewitz received a blood transfusion after the prologue... (picture: cyclingheroes)

The doctors of the university of Freiburg seems to have more sense of humor as Eufemiano Fuentes has. The codenames of the athletes that received blood transfusions were charcters of Disney cartoons. That raises the question: who is Pluto?
In Saturdays edition of the Stuttgarter Zeitung it was announced that not only former T-Mobile pro Patrick Sinkewitz received a blood transfusion after the prologue of the 2006 Tour de France but at least four more T-Mobile riders traveled to Freiburg to receive a blood transfusion. In todays edition of German daily newspaper 'Die Welt' the chairman of the commission that is investigating the role of the Freiburg university in the Telekom scandal, Hans Joachim Schäfer claims that he suspects another member of his commission, German professor Werner Franke, to have leaked information to the media without giving this information to the commission. Schäfer said: "The Commission is not investigating five dopers."
Franke saw things different: "The theme 'Rhine convoy' was mentioned before the Commission last Tuesday. I even heard Mr. Schäfer himself use the phrase. Everybody knows that Sinkewitz wasn't the only one."  According to Schäfer Franke jumps to conclusions. Franke says the commission is investigating to slow.

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