Rasmussen: UCI asks Monaco Cycling Federation to open disciplinary proceedings

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08.02.2008/ The International Cycling Union (UCI) asked the Monaco Cycling Federation to open disciplinary proceedings against Danish rider Michael Rasmussen. Rasmussen was suspended (and later sacked) by Dutch Rabobank team during last years Tour de France.

Copyright Heinz Zwicky
Michael Rasmussen won at the Aubisque (picture: Heinz Zwicky)

The International Cycling Union (UCI)  issued a press release today in which the world body announced that it asked the Monaco Cycling Federation to open disciplinary proceedings against Michael Rasmussen. The UCI said: "Today the International Cycling Union (UCI) has asked the Monaco Cycling Federation, with whom Michael Rasmussen held a racing licence, to open disciplinary proceedings under the UCI Anti Doping Rules."

The UCI staement continues by saying: "Michael Rasmussen has publicly acknowledged what the UCI believes to be violations of its whereabouts requirements under Rule 15.4 in the period leading up to the Tour de France 2007.

"After an extensive and careful investigation of the circumstances the UCI also believes that Michael Rasmussen violated Rules 15.3 and 15.5 by evading controls in a premeditated manner and preventing controls being undertaken.

"As part of the disciplinary proceedings Mr Rasmussen will be able to respond to the UCI’s case as submitted to the Monaco Cycling Federation."

If the UCI and the Monaco Cycling Federation can proof their accusations against Rasmussen, the Danish rider faces a two year ban.

Last November the Vogelzang committee already said that the UCI should have banned Rasmussen before the 2007 edition of the Tour de France.  It is unclear why the world body didn't act at that time.

Last week Dutch TV aired a documentary film about the case, in the film several sources stated that sponsor Rabobank, the UCI and the team knew that Rasmussen lied about his whereabouts in June 2007.  

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UCI letter of 29.06.2007 about Michael Rasmussen's recorded warnings in PDF format:

click here to download file

Letter from 03.07.2007 from Theo de Rooij to Michael Rasmussen about Rasmussen's whereabouts in PDF format:

click here to download file

The full Vogelzang committee report about the Rasmussen case in PDF format:

click here to download file

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