Bjarne Riis about Michael Rasmussen: "I think a comeback is possible."

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22.06.2008/According to Danish daily news 'Ekstra Bladet' CSC - Saxo Bank's team director Bjarne Riis believes in a comeback of Michael Rasmussen. According to the Danish newspaper Riis does not know if he can sign the Danish climber as long as there is no verdict in the Rasmussen case. Rasmussen himself told 'Ekstra Bladet' that he had a condition last month "which is good enough to win the Tour."

© Heinz Zwicky
Tour de France 2007: Michael Rasmussen won at the Aubisque ( Heinz Zwicky)

Almost a year after Danish climber Michael Rasmussen was send home from his Rabobank team, the case is still pending. In the Netherlands Rasmussen and Rabobank are fighting against each other for court and the UCI still didn't decide if Rasmussen will have to face a ban because he lied about his where abouts.

CSC - Saxo Bank's team director thinks Rasmussen could make a comeback. Riis told Danish daily news 'Ekstra Bladet': "I think a comeback is possible. Michael is a dedicated athlete and is living more for his job than anybody else. The question remains will he be able to find a team? If he succeeds he can make a comeback. How strong his performance will be is hard to say. Time will tell."

Riis also said he can't say anything about a possible signing of Rasmussen for his team as long as there is no verdict in the disciplinary case against Rasmussen. The UCI asked the Cycling Federation of Monaco to start case after Rasmussen admitted he had lied about his whereabouts in the run up to last years Tour de France.

Rasmussen himself told 'Ekstra Bladet' that he is still training five hours a day and is in great shape. Rasmussen said: "I am training five hours a day. A month ago my condition was good enough to win the Tour but because I can't start I didn't peak anymore." 

Rasmussen was sacked by the Rabobank team on July 25 last year after the team had taken the 33 year old Danish rider out of the 2007 Tour de France while he was leading the general classification. At that time former team manager Theo De Rooij said that Rasmussen had lied to the team about his whereabouts. Rasmussen admitted he had lied about his whereabouts to the public and the UCI but the Danish climber insists the team (Rabobank) always knew where he was.

Rasmussen sued his former team and demands 5.5 million Euro because according to 'The Ras' his dismissal was based on false facts. The court of Utrecht (Netherlands) will anounce the verdict on July 2.

Earlier this week a hilarious commercial about the case was broadcasted in the Netherlands. In the commercial Michael Rasmussen is riding through a typical Dutch landscape with fields and wind mills and described how the Dane and his former team solved the problem of controls. Watch the clip.

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