Saul Raisin: "Mom if I ever get back on a bike I want to help people like me"

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26.03.2007/ American rider Saul Raisin (Credit Agricole) who was in a coma after a crash at the Circuit de la Sarthe last april will return to the peloton. Saul also wrote a book and on March 31 the great Raisin Hope charity ride will take place. 

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Saul Raisin during the Tour de Suisse 2005 (picture: Cyclingheroes)

Cyclingheroes: At March 31 the charity ride for Raisin hope will take place, are you exited about it?

Saul Raisin: I can not wait.. It is going to be a great day and a celebration of life.. I told my Mom while I was in the hospital bed.. "Mom if I ever get back on a bike I want to help people like me".. I stand by this to this very day.. I want to give back to many good people and give back their smiles.

Cyclingheroes: What did you do at the Tour of California?

Saul Raisin: I rode each stage before the riders came through.. I called it Raisin Hope... At first everyone said "Raisin Hope?? What is this??" But After I went to the start of the first stage my message was quite real.. No matter brain injuries, cancer, or any ilness people could find refuge in my courage and attempt to get back to racing. One mother who had a child with a brain injury came up to me with tears in her eyes. I gave her hope that her son could oneday return to a normal life also.. That right there gave meaning to my whole trip.. I always say to give someone a million Euro's is one thing but hope is priceless.  

Cyclingheroes: Who are the Beneficiaries of the Raisin Hope charity ride?

Saul Raisin: Camp Twin Lake's-  which is a camp that brings children from around the world that are dying or have a very serious ilness and treat them like a real child for a week.. For example:They take children on breathing machine/life support and take them on ropes cources,horse riding and swimming..

Shepherd's center in Atlanta GA- Is the number 1 brain and spinal cord center in the USA.. They are a non profit organization and give free services to many people.
The Brain and Spinal Cord Foundation of the USA- They give free servies, and reasources to thousands of people each year. For example if someone needs a 20,000 dollar wheel chair they will help get the one.
Cyclingheroes: Did you get a lot of support from the pro-cycling family for the Raising Hope auction?
Saul Raisin: Yes they gave me a year subscription to auction off for my Raisin hope Fund.. I hope one day foundation.. I want to one day have my own foundations so I can give to many selected charities with a worthy cause..
Cyclingheroes: Can people still register to take part at the charity ride? And when yes, where can they register?
Saul Raisin: Yes at my website [ ] there is a link to online registration or.. We will have online- and registration on the day of the event.
Cyclingheroes: How was it to write a book and to work with Dave Shields?
Saul Raisin: It is hard. It takes a lot of work.. I want to show the world you can over come the imposible. "Raisin Hope" and it is for sure that a portion of all the profits of my book will be used to help others.

Cyclingheroes:  When will the book be released?

Saul Raisin: I hope September.. for more information people can go to

Cyclingheroes: It's almost a year ago since you crashed, how is your recovering doing? Is there any chance we might see you race in the future? And if yes, do you already know when?

Saul Raisin: I want to do the US pro-championships and I want to win!

Cyclingheroes: Saul thanks for your time and we wish you good luck!

Saul Raisin: Thank you, anytime!

People who can not attend at the Raisin Hope ride at March 31 will be able to support Saul Raisin's case by a donation or by ordering Raisin Hell bracelets and/or socks. More infortaion at and

In the coming week we will publish a review of the novel "The Tour" , written by Dave Shields, the co-author of Saul Raisin's book.

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